About the course

What you will learn with Flourishing Baby

Flourishing Baby follows the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) curriculum; a well respected, well researched and highly endorsed programme for baby massage.

The emphasis of the IAIM programme is on sensitive and enjoyable interaction between you and your baby, so that you gain a deeper understanding of your baby’s behaviour, unique language and cues.

At Flourishing Baby Massage you will learn:

  • Massage strokes for legs, feet, stomach, chest, arms, hands, face and back
  • A short colic routine
  • Gentle movements and touch relaxation
  • The best time for baby massage and for how long to massage
  • What massage oils to use
  • How to adapt the strokes for your baby’s individual needs and the growing child

By the end of a Flourishing Baby Massage course, we hope you will have grown in confidence, learnt to better understand your baby’s cues, and be an expert in massage for optimal baby relaxation; three important ingredients for you to create the happy and serene environment where your baby will flourish.

Flourishing Baby is designed for parents and primary caregivers, and all babies from birth to crawling.

Course duration

We’ve all been in the situation where classes are too short, and you feel you’re rushed through the theory and out of the door. That’s why, at Flourishing Baby, I have designed the course to consist of 5 sessions, each lasting 75 minutes.

This gives us plenty of time for things to go ‘at baby pace’ – affording you the space to change or feed your baby if need be – and ensures you’re able to practice each stroke well, and make friends over a healthy or indulgent snack and a cup of tea.

What happens in each Flourishing Baby Massage session

At Flourishing Baby you will be carefully guided through each massage stroke whilst also learning to recognise your baby’s feedback. In our sessions, only you massage your baby whilst the instructor demonstrates on a doll. We ask permission from the babies before massaging and always follow their cues. This helps develop communication between you and your baby, as well as deepen feelings of trust and respect.

Our sessions are baby-led, meaning that if your baby needs a feed or has a tearful moment, it’s fine! You’ll have your space to tend to those needs and will be offered the possibility to practise on a special doll, so you don’t miss anything. Furthermore, there will be many opportunities to catch up, as strokes are reviewed each week and handouts are given as a reminder.


  • Flourishing Baby@GroupSession: £68.00 (5 x 75 mins sessions)
  • Flourishing Baby@Home: £55.00 (5 x 75 mins sessions)
  • Flourishing Baby@One2One: £90 (3 x 75 mins sessions)
  • Flourishing Baby@GrowWithMe: £6.50 per drop-in session

Next steps

Discover what’s included in the Flourishing Baby Support Package, or find out more about me. Alternatively, book your Flourishing Baby Massage package today!

At Flourishing Baby we care for life.