Why choose Flourishing Baby Massage

Baby Massage is a great tool to develop strong bonds with our babies. As well as giving them a lovely experience, with Baby Massage you learn how to better understand your baby’s cues and how to respond to those cues through the power of touch. It helps you regain confidence in your inner knowledge, and teaches you techniques to alleviate those challenging moments such as colic or restlessness; relaxing your baby for a peaceful – and much awaited – night’s sleep.

As a mother of two, and certified Baby Massage Instructor with IAIM, I know how important it is to be with your baby in a cosy, warm and comfortable environment. That’s why at Flourishing Baby, with each baby massage session I provide everything you need for a hassle-free experience to relax and bond with your baby.

  • Herbal (and builder’s) teas, freshly cut fruit, and pastries to make you feel pampered and at home.
  • Warm, cosy and nicely-lit room, so that you and your baby feel relaxed and happy.
  • Friendly and relaxed sessions, giving you the confidence for a time-out should your baby need changing or feeding.
  • Extended session times, giving you plenty of time within each session to make friends, exchange experiences, and learn each baby massage stroke with confidence – no more rushing to get changed and out of the door!
  • A unique Flourishing Baby Support Package, to help you master your technique through each stage of Baby Massage.
  • Mats and organic baby massage oil provided, so you can just pick up your baby, changing bag and go!
  • Plus! Groups are kept small, to give you the opportunity to get to know each other, and there are a range of venues and start dates to suit your needs.

Flourishing Baby sessions follow the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) curriculum, so you can be sure that they form part of a well respected, well researched and highly endorsed baby massage programme.

Flourishing Baby Support Package

As part of your Baby Massage course, you will receive a unique Flourishing Baby Support Package, which includes:

  • Organic Baby Massage oil, to use in class or at home.
  • Parent’s Handbook, with step-by-step illustrations and explanations of each stroke, to help you practice at home.
  • Out of session access to your baby massage tutor, to answer any queries you may have.
  • Tips on how to adapt your baby massage technique throughout each stage of child development, so that your massaging skills grow with your child as he or she flourishes!
  • Discounted drop-in sessions, should you need a refresher once you’ve completed your course, or help with adapting your technique to a different stage of child development.
  • Mats are provided, just bring a towel for your baby to lie on.


  • Flourishing Baby@GroupSession: £68.00 (5 x 75 mins sessions)
  • Flourishing Baby@Home: £55.00 (5 x 75 mins sessions)
  • Flourishing Baby@One2One: £90 (3 x 75 mins sessions)
  • Flourishing Baby@GrowWithMe: £6.50 per drop-in session

Next Steps

Find out more about the course, or book your Flourishing Baby Massage package today!

And if you feel you need a treat, I also offer post-natal and aroma-therapy massage, as well as yoga classes – contact me for more details.